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United Kingdom - England - London
London Eye
The London Eye is a Ferris-wheel of sorts with 32 high-tech, glassed-incarriages, each accommodating up to 25 passengers, rotating upward and aroundwith continuous piped-in commentary. Each air-conditioned carriage rotates on adevice designed to keep everyone upright as the wheel slowly revolves. On aclear day, the panorama can stretch as far as Heathrow Airport and WindsorCastle. By night, London's landmarks are floodlit against the darkness,showcasing the Gothic houses of Parliament, Westminst....
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United Kingdom - England - London
The British Museum
The oldest museum in the world founded in 1753 by an Act of Parliament. It includes the Assyrian treasures, Egyptian mummies, the Rosetta Stone, sculptures from the Parthenon, and the Portland Vase. It will take you all day to walk around and you are more likely to ware out your shoes than run out of things to see..
United Kingdom - England - London
Speakers' Corner
Speakers' Corner is the spiritual home of the British democratic tradition ofsoapbox oratory.Every Sunday since the right of free assembly was recognised in 1872, peoplefrom all walks of life have gathered to listen to speeches about anything andeverything... and to heckle.The coherence of the speakers varies greatly as do the topics of discussion, butas a whole it makes for great street theatre. So, if you have a burning desireto share your opinions with the world, take something to stand on an....
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United Kingdom - England - London
The Ruskin Hotel
The Ruskin Hotel is an awful place to stay. It is small and dirty and the staff is rude. I would strongly advise that you stay somewhere else if you are considering a trip to London.
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United Kingdom - England - London
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