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Beutiful place, great for camping, hiking and rockclimbing and just chilling out
Posted by Jennanne (Lonely planet)
Country: France
Region: France, small village between Nice and Marsielle
Date: 29th April 2002
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Location: Casis:About 12 km east of Marsielle on the coast. Transport by train from Niece or Marsielle, please note, the Casis train staition is about 3 km out of the town Casis!!

Small villiage with a very small harbour full of sailing boats, surrounded by cliff faced ocean. The village is about 3 kms from the train station. There is one youth hostel (that I know of) up on the cliffs overlooking the sea, about 3 km out of the villiage. As far as I know there is no transport to the hostel, I and others walked the 3km, (uphill all the way!!)So take groceries with you!! (Not too much, you;l hate the walk, but appriciate it afterwards!!) Of course it is also possible to get there with a car. There are hicking paths go all the way to Marsielle, it is also possible to camp over the whole area, but must carry your own fresh water, it is not a camping/caravan park! The hicking trails are all marked on a map available from the hostel. This place is so beutiful, there are views of green water and the great big cliffs, I even found a little cave, that people had camped in. If your looking for a place to chill out then I recommend it. P.S There are no showers in the hostel, just a long trough, its really only got the bare minimum basic's

Posted by: Richard - organizer[at]pobox dot com
Date: Tuesday, 19th November 2002 05:14 AM
It shows again: France is a beautiful country, but...public transport is rarely available. The worst of Europe, in my opinion, and that includes Eastern Europe.And...just about every town outside Paris and Nice seem to "close down" after 9 pm, difficult to find a meal or even a drink after that time in many towns of less than 50'000 inh. It might not bother you, but meeting the locals is very important to me wherever I go.
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Date: Thursday, 16th February 2006 03:31 PM
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Posted by: peter - peter_ycong[at]yahoo dot com
Date: Tuesday, 07th November 2006 10:25 PM
its ok
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