Posted by Kate
Country: United Kingdom
Region: England - Bedfordshire
Date: 15th November 2002
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Location: It is only 50 miles from London - 1 hour and 30 mins to drive OR 45 mins / 1 hour on the train. And only 20 miles to the famous universities of Cambridge.

Bedford is a lovely little market town. The river Ouse flows through the town and this makes the embankment area particularly attractive, especially during summer.
Bedford is famous for a number of historical events, including: John Bunyan who wrote Pilgrims Progress whilst incarcerated there.
Bedfordshire is full of pretty little villages, and secret nooks and crannies, such as:
Swiss Garden, Woburn Abbey & Wildlife Park and Wipesnade Zoo.
The area has lovely accommodation, such as: The Swan Hotel and Woodlands Manor.

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