The snake Park
Posted by JP - jspaul[at]hotmail dot com
Country: Tanzania
Region: Arusha
Cost: There was a small fee
Date: 30th January 2003
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Location: A short bus/car journey from Arusha town.

We had a great time there as the owner Ma was more than helpful and friendly. We arrived hoping to catch up with our overland tour after climbing kilomanjaro only to find it was not there. Ma made some calls sorted it out and gave us a bungalow and breakfast, made us feel right at home. We spent the day looking at various snakes, talking to the local village people, playing hacky with kids and even managed a camel ride.

Posted by: sreenivas - sreenu_kotti[at]rediffmail dot com
Date: Friday, 24th November 2006 11:45 PM
i like snakes
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