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Nguyet Thu Tailoring in Hoi An
Posted by Nicole - thuyvinicolesy[at]yahoo dot com
Country: Vietnam
Region: Hoi An
Date: 09th September 2005
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Location: It's located very near from the famous Japanese Bridge in Hoi An. Nguyet Thu Silk is at 156 Tran Phu Street.

One of the attractions in Hoi An that not everyboby knows is the tailoring overthere. You can have the really nice suits, dresses, shirts...made there very quickly for your own style and size with a good quality. The price is quite cheap in compare with any other place in Vietnam and in the Asia area.

Posted by: Ana Frade - anaydavid05[at]hotmail dot com
Date: Monday, 30th January 2006 05:20 AM
I´m trying to get contact by email with Nguyet thu tailor´s. I´m a spanish who stayed in Hoi an last Agoust and I made some clothes in their shop. I´m interesting in asking them for some purchases but the email that I have is not the correct. Can you send me the correct email?? Thanks
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